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The Wormingtons
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday's Motivated Moms - Nicole's Story.

Here it is; the first submission for my "Monday's Motivated Moms" series! And who better to be the first then the woman who gave me the idea in the first place! Nicole and I have been friends since highschool and she has recently became an Independent Representative with Silpada Designs and is excited to tell you all about it.

For the men that read this blog - just because it's jewellery doesn't mean you should stop reading. There are women in your life. Christmas is coming.

Girls - she has a "Wish List" option. Think about it.

Also, orders can be done online and are shipped right to your door. So even if you don't live local to Nicole, or want to order but don't want to have a get together, you can do that!

Please note that all of the opinions written in the posts from this series are not mine, they are those of the author's. I am neutral party on each one, and am simply providing each author the opportunity to share their story.

Here is Nicole's story!

Hi! My name is Nicole and I recently started a fantastic business with a company that I am thrilled with and love sharing this great opportunity with others.

When I was first introduced to Silpada Designs, I wasn’t even thinking about a home based business for myself as I have been working full time for a number of years, and am still somewhat of a newbie enjoying the delights of motherhood. At a spring get together, a girlfriend of mine showed me a Silpada catalogue and I found the sterling silver jewellery quite appealing. At the time, the main reason I looked into becoming a rep, was to get a lot of this beautiful jewellery for free! I found the startup cost reasonable (in fact I made triple my cost back with my first party) so I thought I’d give it a shot – what did I have to lose?

Since that time, I have found many pleasant surprises working at a home based business, and a big one for me is the extra income for little hours (using the average Silpada home party sales, if you hold two parties of $1,250 retail sales per week, you can earn $750/week by working just 6-8 hours.) We have been able to achieve some of our financial goals sooner than expected, and I am starting to consider some plans for the future including reducing my “day job” hours, and doing something a bit more meaningful with my time. Another great part about this job is that it doesn’t feel like a job! It’s a lot of fun getting together with girlfriends and the benefits that hostesses get are terrific so I’ve had a number of people ask to be hostesses. I also love the way this work fits into my family schedule. I can decide when I work and I don’t need extra babysitting when I’m away. It’s a great business opportunity for moms and if we are blessed again, I look forward to having this opportunity for a supplemented income during a future parental leave.

Now I don’t mean to boast, but I do believe Silpada has a very fine product and I like telling people a bit about what sets Silpada apart. “All Silpada Designs handcrafted jewellery is the finest .925 Sterling Silver, no painted or plated fashion or costume jewellery. Complementing the beautiful Sterling Silver are colourful semi-precious gemstones and natural materials including Freshwater Pearls, Coral, tooled Leather, and much more. So, there really is something for every taste and style.” The jewellery is also backed by a lifetime guarantee and I am very happy to provide a timeless product that my customers will enjoy for endless years to come. In addition, I am very pleased with the support of Silpada’s corporate end. I was a little unsure of myself getting into this, but the free training they offer has been fabulous and the “sisterhood” of Silpada women has put me at ease.

If you are considering starting a home based business and doing direct sales, my advice no matter what company you are looking into, is to find a product that greatly appeals to you. It’s easy to talk about something that you enjoy and enthusiasm is contagious!
I'm so glad my girlfriend introduced me to Silpada, and I love to share this opportunity with others :)

If you would like more information about the jewellery, hosting a party, or becoming a rep, feel free to contact me or checkout my website !

As an added incentive, if you mention that you read this on Melissa’s blog (or coupon code MELISSA) I am offering an extra $25 gift certificate for anyone who hosts a party with me, and a $50 jewellery item to start your collection for anyone who is interested in becoming a rep (offer expires Dec 31, 2011).

Nicole Prentice
Silpada Designs Independent Representative
519 335 4004

Want to see your story here? If you would like to be featured in the "Monday's Motivated Moms" series, leave a comment with your contact info here and I will get in touch with you!