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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Friday, August 12, 2011

"For Everything there is a Reason"

A coworker brought up the concept of "providence" the other day...the idea that people are brought into your life for a reason. You may not know it initially, but later, looking back, you realize that your life has been directly impacted, paths you have taken have been directly influenced, crucial knowledge or inside information you have gained is directly because of, that person.

This ties into thoughts I have been having for quite awhile now, about how "For everything there is a reason"..."God's Way", some people call it. Divine Intervention. This concept has been on my mind. Now, I am by no means a strongly religious person. I do consider myself a spiritual person, and I believe there is a difference between the two. However, I know the quote "For everything there is a reason" a verse that has been repeating in my head lately, a verse I cling to at times, originates from The Bible.

Not that where it comes from actually has anything to do with what I want to say. I just wanted to clarify that by referencing The Bible, this will not be a religious type post.


Do you believe that? That there is a reason for everything?
What I struggle with is waiting to find out, or to have it revealed to me, what the "reason" is.

My grandma will be 70 yrs old in December. For 50 of those years she has lived in the same house in Gorrie. She raised her 4 kids there, played a role in looking after my brother, myself and 2 of our cousins there, and also looked after half the kids in the town of Gorrie there over the years. Everyone only knows that as "Jack and Gwynne's House". For the last 10 years she has lived there alone, following the death of her husband in July 2001.

Finally, at 70 years old and after living there 50 years, she has decided to sell her home. She wants to downsize, to move into something more manageable, and to not have to worry about general upkeep and maintenance anymore.

But no one wants to buy her house.

That home, that is bursting with so many memories, that she has made her life in, that has directly impacted so many lives, so many that she is finally ready to let it go...she feels stuck with it...trapped by it.

When she first proposed the idea to the family about selling the house, I figured she wouldn't have any trouble and would be moved into the new Seniors Apartments with the rest of her friends in no time.

But I was wrong. And I have to wonder why. Is there a reason this hasn't worked out the way she expected? Some people will say "Well yes, the house needs this and this and this and it's in Gorrie"...blah blah blah. But I mean on a deeper level...Is she not meant to sell that house yet? Is she not meant to live back there in the Seniors Apartments? Why? This is causing her worry, grief and heartache...something she thought would be so simple, thought she could choose to do, while still on her terms...has become anything but simple. Why? What is the reason? What is meant to happen?

My Dad's path in life has been less than...smooth. He has encountered a lot of roadblocks, grief and heartache of his own. His path has led him to many unexpected places throughout his 50 years. Was he meant to move out west all along? What is the long term outcome going to be as a result of him being out there? Is he meant to live out there, or elsewhere, for the rest of life? Will he meet people (professional and personal) that will change the path of his life? If he hadn't of went out there when he did, where would he be now? What would his life look like? Is there a deeper reason to all this? Will he get opportunities and answers that he never would have gotten here, changing the way he lives his life and the way he is viewed by everyone else? "For everything there is a reason"...what is the reason, when it comes to my Dad's story?

I have two friends who married eachother 8 years ago after dating for years. It was only a matter of time until they had children. But time kept passing with no announcement. Turns out they were not able to create their own children.

You cannot know 2 people more destined to be parents.

Why? What was the reason for this to happen to this couple, of all couples?

Years later the reason was revealed when they adopted a three month old baby boy. If things had of originally went as they expected them to, they never would have become parents to the child they did. Just last week, they welcomed a baby girl into their home, not even a week old. Blessed again. They cannot imagine their lives any other way now, and at the time, when their story began, they couldn't begin to understand what the reason was for their struggles.

They were destined to be parents all along.

They never doubted that "For everything there is a reason".

Sometimes things happen in your professional life. You don't know why but you tell yourself "For everything there is a reason"...but what is that reason? Then, later down the road another opportunity comes up, a direct result of what happened earlier that you didn't understand. Was that the reason it happened? So you could have this opportunity? What if that had of never happened? Where would you be now? You apply for a position you are sure you are perfect for and you don't get the job. Is there a reason? Were you not meant to get that position because something else is meant to be, something you just don't know about yet?

Or sometimes you meet someone, and meeting them changes your life. Think about where you were when you met your spouse...where would you be now if you had never been where you were that day? Had never met your spouse? Was there a reason you were there that day? How different would your life be today if you hadn't? Sometimes you meet someone that changes your life professionally. Someone who, if you had never met them, you wouldn't have had the opportunities you've had, learned what you've learned...become who you have....

"For everything there is a reason".

This feels like rambling.

There is a lot going on right now that has me wondering what the "reason" is.

Patience is not a virtue of mine.
I struggle with the waiting.
I like to know.

I want to know what's going to happen with my Grandma's situation. With my Dad's situation. I want to know where I'll be...where we'll be...and what the deeper reasons are for things being the way they are...if they will all prove to be worth it in the end, if these are all just part of the processes. I want to know what is meant to be and why.

"For everything there is a reason".

The not knowing. The waiting.
I don't like it.


chris said...

I also hear that comment, and wonder what is the reason why thinks happen in my life as well. Like you I want to know now not later, I guess because then I don't have to keep wondering why things seem to happen to me!!