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The Wormingtons
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Monday's Motivated Moms - KaVonna's Story

This has been sitting here ready to go for 4 weeks now. Today I am finally able to post it.

Today's "Motivated Mom" is KaVonna, who is representing Visalus. If you live in the same town as I do, you have likely heard of Visalus (pronounced V'eye-sal-us) as it seems to be making a big impression around here. I can immediately think of 3 people I know personally in this town who have became representatives of this company in the last few months and there are many more. Their results are on to learn more about what Visalus is, and does.

Please note that all of the opinions written in the posts from this series are not mine and I do not necessarily share them, they are those of the author's. I am neutral party on each one, and am simply providing each author the opportunity to share their story.

This is KaVonna's story:

What is Visalus?

ViSalus Sciences is a nutrition and weight-loss company, founded in 2005 by Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola. Its corporate headquarters are in Troy, MI, USA. ViSalus is a multi-level marketing company using a unilevel compensation plan that distributes health and wellness products. The company distributes its products in the United States and Canada through a network of independent distributors, some of whom earn profit on product sales and additional commission from a multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation structure. The ViSalus product range includes protein shakes, nutritional supplements, and an energy drink. The company promotes its "Body by Vi" program, which is a 90-day weight-loss challenge using its protein shakes as meal replacements.

Why Visalus?
I was concerned about my weight and well being. My body has had a lot of stress put upon it after years of eating disorders and 4 pregnancies. I wanted an easy way to lose weight and maintain my health, without putting uneccessary stress on myself. I was hesitant to try it, until I saw the changes taking place in others who I knew were using the products.
Their results had me convinced! I wanted what they had!
I went in full force, knowing that with Visalus, I could not only take care of myself physically, that it also was a venue for me to have a homebased business, what better combination could there be?

My goal is to help others be the healthiest they can be. Visalus is for anybody and everybody, no matter what your health goal is! The Body By Vi 90 Day Health Challenge is sweeping across both the U.S. and Canada, I have a feeling it will be opening up opportunties world wide! Millions are on the Challenge...Celebs, Pro Athletes... to the homemakers like myself. Are you interested in making a lifestyle change to better your overall health, lose weight and gain muscle mass? Maybe even make a little cash, earn a bonus BMW and chances to win fabulous vacations?

Join me and 90 Days can change your life forever! Please visit my website today and let's get you started!

Want to see your story here? If you would like to be featured in the "Monday's Motivated Moms" series, leave a comment with your contact info here and I will get in touch with you!

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