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The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday's Motivated Moms: Hayley's Story

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Please note that all of the opinions written in the posts from this series are not mine and I do not necessarily share them, they are those of the author's. I am neutral party on each one, and am simply providing each author the opportunity to share their story.

I have never actually met Hayley.  We speak on facebook on a regular basis and have a number of mutual friends, but I don't think we have ever spoken face to face.  We have come to "know" eachother through mutal interests on facebook.   She contacted me back in the summer about being profiled in this series.  Hayley has been very supportive of me and this blog and has shared it with many of her friends and family.  I am glad I can return the favour now by profiling her. 

Before you go any further, I want to tell you that in the days following the tornado, Hayley published a book of aftermath photos from around the town of Goderich.   You can buy it online here.  All she receives as profit from this book is $7, and she is donating all profits made to the Tornado Relief Fund, which, when matched by the Province, will actually work out to $21 from each book sold.   Please have a look, consider purchasing the book, read her story below, AND take note that she is even offering an incentive to families who quote this blog when booking photo sessions with her.  

(Photo of Hayley taking shots after the tornado...courtesy of DLS photography.) 

Thank you Hayley, for all you have done for me personally,as well as for our community. 

The Story of Fresh Lens Photography

I always loved taking photos as a hobby. I didn't even get into digital until about 5 or 6 years ago, and I started with a fairly basic DSLR camera (Canon Rebel) and a couple of standard lenses. I had taken a photography course in highschool so I knew the basics of camera functions and light, but I still had a lot to learn! I would post my own pictures on facebook and people started liking what they saw. I had some requests from friends to do wedding photos, but I kept saying no. My own wedding photos had turned out terribly, and I didn't want the pressure of it! I assisted a couple of weddings and liked being there as kind of a fly on the wall, without the responsibility. I did some maternity and family shots for people, and played around with some low-end editing software.

In summer 2008 I said yes to my first wedding and agreed to accept a small payment. As I rattled off disclaimers to her, she assured me that she knew I wasn't a professional, and she just wanted to make sure she had some nice pictures of the day. She was the perfect bride for my first wedding! I wasn't nervous and she was great to work with. And to top it off, I was pleased with the photos and the way they turned out (though now of course I look back and critique them to no end)! She was happy and I was discovering something I really enjoyed. I did another wedding that fall, then took a break in the winter (because I was very pregnant!) and spring (to have my baby! I already had a 2 year old at the time). I did two more weddings that fall, and kept myself busy with family/maternity/baby photos too. I had no brand name yet, and my references still came by word of mouth at this point. But I was slowly acquiring more equipment so that I could offer people something better!

The following year I ended up doing more family sessions and five weddings, and taught myself how to use a professional editing program (Adobe Lightroom). At the end of the season I was able to make a major investment and buy myself a much-needed new camera. I was also relieved that now I would have my old one as a back-up camera at weddings (it is quite risky to shoot with only one)! I loved the work I was doing... the family pictures were fun to take, but there is something about an exciting event like a wedding or party that I just love capturing. My favourite part of the day is arriving when the bride and her girls are prepping, often at her parents' house, and just being a part of the emotion and anticipation of the wedding, even when it's for someone I don't know!

At this time I began to focus on getting my portfolio together, developing a company name and registering my business, putting together my facebook page and website/blog, and overall just making it a more polished and professional business. It was so satisfying to look back on my work and select my best images, and see how far I had come! I have learned a lot, and still am always learning new techniques and ways to serve my clients better.

This current year I again have 5 weddings (a good number for me, since I am quite busy as a mom of a 2- and a 4-year-old and I hold a part-time job as a marketing coordinator at a local inn), and I'm starting to book into next summer and fall. I also very much want to have the chance to photograph births. I had two "booked" for this past spring, but both babies' births were over 2 hours away and came VERY fast! There was no way I could have made it in time. Some of you may be thinking that birth is something you would never want photographed, but I have seen such tasteful, beautiful and powerful images from other birth photographers, and I just can't wait to have the opportunity to attend and capture those moments for a family. I have two more booked for this fall... cross your fingers for me that I make it to them!

What I feel I offer to my clients is detailed, candid-style images of events in their lives that are meaningful to them, at affordable prices. I also believe that every moment is worth photographing! The pictures I take tell a story. There is meaning in the way that hands touch, or the way that two people look at each other. I don't do studio work, and I try to limit the number of posed portraits that I take in any session. I want my work to reflect real life, in real settings! Often my clients' favourite images are the ones they didn't even know I took. I also use natural light whenever possible, and it is very important for me to make sure my clients are comfortable with me and what we're doing. One client who I worked with after her family had experienced a loss commented that I was "professional and sensitive, and I would recommend her to anyone."

All of these elements combine to give you a positive experience and a fresh, genuine product that will serve as a keepsake for years! Please take a look at my website, vimeo slideshow page, and facebook page (where you will find the most images from my portfolio) and contact me if you would like to book a session. If you found out about me from this blog, please mention it and receive $25 off for a family event, engagement, maternity or newborn session!

Hayley Morgan

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Tricia Denomme said...

Great write up! I too have never chatted with Hayley "face to face" but have been a follower of her work for a while now. She is very talented and it's apparent that she puts her heart into her photography. Well done!

Kathleen said...

Hayley is an incredible photographer- she did my brother's wedding, and the pictures were original and beautiful. She didn't mention it, but she's also very pleasant to work with, and manages to get the most amazing shots without interrupting anything that's going on. I wish she'd been in business when I got married!