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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taste of Huron

Remember my post about The 100 Mile Diet, and eating locally? I set myself a goal of buying more local food, especially in the summertime and especially because we have a great Farmer's Market here each Saturday morning.

I have bought produce from the market, but not as often as I would have liked. I have been more conscious in the grocery stores, paying attention to where the food comes from. One time I needed snow peas and noticed they came from China.

China! How much nutritional value do you think was left in those?

Anyways, as I have said before, learning what is available right in your own backyard and eating locally is very "big" right now. It's the "in" thing. And for good reason. That's part of the reason The Taste of Huron Festival has been so successful.

Taste of Huron runs from August 16-27 and has a lot going on. You can find all the info on their website, but basically, it's a celebration of all things food that Huron County has to offer...and we have A LOT to offer - more than you think.

There are meals you can attend that are made with food from right here in Huron, and farm tours that will spotlight everything from maple syrup making to organic farming. Saturday August 21 you will find me at the Taste of Huron Marketplace up on the square in Goderich. As well as the popular vendors of the Farmer's Market that takes place all summer long, on this day you will find local professional chefs competing against eachother in a recipe challenge, whipping up something made only with items found at the market. There is a children's area that will work to teach kids where their food comes from and various $3 samples from local restaurants. I think all this will be great to see and neat to be a part of.

But perhaps the most exciting part of Taste of Huron, is the workshops. There are 10 workshops going on over the 9 day event that tech everyting from preserving, to breadmaking, to eating raw foods, to cheesecake making.

Yep. You know where I'll be. And I will get to meet Erin Bolger, the host of that workshop, and get her to sign her cookbook I already have. Erin hails from Blyth, right here in our county and refers to it constantly in her book. She has done incredibly well for herself...amazingly well. Her book is about to be launched in the United States, she has upcoming TV shows, and who knows what will come her way next...I do not want to miss the opportunity to meet her...yeah...I'm a cookbook author groupie.

I think it's so great that we have all of this going on right here where we live...we don't have to go to London, or Toronto or anywhere else...This is only the second year and it's already an award winning festival. It's just going to get bigger and better with time and how great that it's being held here. This is much more up my alley then the other award winning festival Huron County is home to, and more affordable for me too. I think there are great lessons to be learned here, for myself as well as for my kids.

Get out, get involved, learn what's available right here at home, learn something new. With so much to gain, what have you got to lose?