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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My healthiest year ever.

Today is an anniversary of sorts.  Not a major one, but one just the same.  Exactly 1 year ago I started going to a fitness bootcamp in Goderich.  There was a promotion going on which benefited our local food bank. The price was right, no commitment, so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I knew a lot of other people that had been going for  awhile and loved it.  I knew I needed to do something about my health as in the past year by weight had been steadily climbing, I was wearing the biggest sized clothes I ever had, my eating habits were terrible and my dentist appointments, even with benefits, were expensive.  I was even occasionally starting to get chest pains.

So, I suggested it to a few other friends and together, a year ago today at 6:00am we walked through the door of the gym for the first time.

The workouts are only 30 mins long (one of the selling points for me).  It took me only half of that to walk out feeling, dizzy, overheated and nauseous.  I collected myself in the bathroom, embarassed that I couldn't even make it 30 mins while everyone else in there could.  Then I rejoined the group and finished the workout.

The next day I could barely move.

It took awhile for my body to adjust to the shock treatment I was subjecting it to, but I kept going back.  At first it hurt to sit down.  To walk up the stairs.  To wash my hair.  On some days, I swear, it even hurt to blink.

But, funny story, I was becoming addicted.  I loved going.  And when my month was up, I committed to going for another year.

About 5 months in, I felt stalled  I had lost a bit of weight and was feeling healthier, but couldn't understand why, given the amount of time I was spending there, my clothes weren't much looser.  I learned it was because while I had changed my activity level and had the exercising thing down, my eating habits were still pretty poor.

It was the week before Easter when my husband and I had a serious conversation about eating healthier.  He went out grocery shopping and filled our cupboards and fridge with things that hadn't been there in a long time, if ever. I had his full support.
Change came quickly after that.  I couldn't believe, despite being told so many times, how much of a difference what you eat makes, even when you are actively working out.

In the spring I ran a 5k race in Goderich.  Even after that was finished I still ran, just for fun.  This weekend, I am participating in a fun run/obstacle course type event set up to mimic the popular Tough Mudder competitions.

Inspired, Jeff has joined crossfit.  He is competing with me this weekend at the Lucknow Little Mudder.  He is eating much healthier now too. He received a comment last week stating it looked as if crossfit was paying off.
If only I could get him to quit smoking.  sigh.  

It was one year ago today I walked into the gym for the first time.  I was wearing a pair of Jeff's shorts and an XL Tshirt, with a sportsbra I had had since highschool.  The only one I owned.

In the past year I have lost over 30 lbs.
I have went from size 14-16 jeans size to a size 6-8.  XL shirts to Medium.
I now own a couple of lulu pieces (none of which I paid full price for) and wear them more than I do most of my "nice" clothes.
Jeff wears his own shorts to crossfit.
I run for enjoyment.
Clear dentist appointments.
No more chest pains.

On the first day of school, the mother of one of Jack's friends, who I hadn't seen all summer, commented "You literally worked your butt off!"

Sometimes it's hard to fit it into my schedule.  We have 2 kids who are involved in swim team, swimming lessons and now hockey.  Jeff has commitments with the fire department and I have commitments with Victim Services and its big fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars. I have a house that needs cleaned, a dog that needs attention and a spirit that sometimes, just needs silence.   More often than not, it would be easier not to go to bootcamp or to run.  Easier for Jeff not to go to crossfit.

 I choose to think of the time I take as time I am investing in myself.  I don't care how good or selfless a mother or parent you are.  I don't care how important to you your kids are.  I put my kids' needs ahead of my own too.  But by investing in myself this way, I am putting them first. By getting serious about my health, I am making a promise to them that I am doing everything I can to be healthy for them...around for a long time.    I am modeling to them that my health is important to me.  That I take my health and wellness seriously and so should they. I do this in hopes that as they grow, they will follow by example.  I read a quote that has stuck with me.

"Those who think they have no time to get healthy now will sooner or later have to make time for illness".

I was shopping in a second hand store on my lunch hour today and came across a lulu shirt with this on the front.

I smiled.
 I bought the shirt.
I started because I wasn't comfortable in my body.  I didn't like what I saw in photos.  I was worried about it and at 32 years old I was starting to feel the effects.

This has been my healthiest year ever, and my family's healthiest year ever, in more ways than one.


Deb M said...

Wow Melissa! This whole blog post could be my own story!!! Except the firefighter hubby! ;) and it's not my 1 yr anniversary yet!
Thank you for being such a huge part of my health and fitness journey!
Debbie Miller