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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

Every year on their birthdays, Jeff and I write each child a letter in their scrapbooks. This is Jack's. To learn more about why we do this, click here

Dear Jack,

Today is a big day, and no one is more excited than you!  Happy Happy 5th Birthday buddy! 

While all birthdays are special, the 5th one seems to feel like a bit of a milestone.  5 years.  It's hard to remember what life was like before you came along.  Quieter maybe, but not nearly as exciting. I think I say that every year.

The great thing about you is your zest for life.  You love life, and all it has to offer, and I love to see life through your eyes.  You are wearing rose coloured glasses all the time and the world is so amazing, and big, and endless and...wonderous...through your big brown eyes. 
You inspire me view the world and life the way you do. 

You are a go-er.  All Boy, all the time.  Son up, till son down.  This year you started Junior Kindergarten and I hoped wondered if it would slow you down or tire you out...

No, not so much.

You are such a sponge.  You enjoy every minute of school and are very lucky to have phenomenal teachers in Mrs O Keefe and Mrs Bowman.  You have impressed me with your ability to learn this year and are reading so well that you could read most of this letter with no problem at all.  You work very hard to keep up to your sister so when she reads, so do you.  When she writes stories, so do you. When she practices piano, you want to too.  Just recently you have started typing.  You have been spending time on the laptop and the tablet typing out letters to various people or stories for yourself.  Before that, your focus was on recording videos with the tablet...mostly of yourself.  You also really enjoy using the tablet or a camera to take pictures.  It seems once you find an interest, you get intensely focused on that, until a new interest comes along.  We never know what will catch your interest next. 

You have made some great friends in your class at school this year, including Hunter, William, Reece, Emery, Laura, Emmi, Jordyn, and more.  You seem to be well liked by your classmates and your teachers, no doubt due to your irresistible charm.  But your best friend and role model is still your big sister.  She is lucky that you are so agreeable to playing barbies, school and house.  You are just thrilled to be a part of whatever she is doing and want to learn whatever she is willing to teach you.   When you get together with your cousins you always buddy up with Quinn.  I think you have similar personalities and that's why you get along so well.  Your cousins have finally stopped referring to you as "Baby Jack".  On my side of the family, this past October Beckett was born and I really look forward to watching the two of you grow up together. 

Right now you are into Spiderman and Star Wars and Super Mario Brothers.  Dinosaurs and cars and trucks.  Like your Uncle Mike, you have a real thing for video games and electronics.   You also really enjoy playing board games and reading. 

A few months ago we got a dog.  Maggie is a 4 year old chocolate lab and you love her.  It's great to watch you with her, although she seems to love Mommy the best. 

You never stop talking.  Ever.  You will talk on the phone to your grandmas or Gran for hours if we let you, pacing around the house and talking with your hands just like Mom does, while getting your sister to talk on the phone is like pulling teeth.

Speaking of teeth, you have already spent more than your fair share of time in the dentist's chair.  Turns out you follow in your parents' footsteps that way.  At least you have good eyes so far.

You also never stop moving.  Ever.  Your focus for a long time was to weigh 40 lbs.  You would weigh yourself multiple times a day, hoping to have reached that magic number.  It was often our way to convince you to eat your supper; a reminder that in order to reach 40 lbs you needed to eat.  And to sit down every now and then. 

Your favourite foods are Kraft Dinner, Chicken fingers, hot dogs and...lobster tails.  You refuse to eat ice cream.  You love Daddy's firemen friends more than the Firetrucks or the Fire Department itself and they are so, so, so good to you. You especially like Rob Pollack and Darren Doak, neither of whom have sons of their own.  You think you are pretty special in the fire family, and they are all very good to humour you.  You do really enjoy participating in the parades with the firemen, and this year were lucky enough to get to ride with Uncle Mike and his fire department in their Christmas parade as well as with Daddy in ours.  Both times you even got to speak over the loudspeakers.

You push me.  More than your sister ever did, that's for sure.  I said from Day 1 that you have a lot of the Noble and Wormington male genes in you and that you are going to give me a run for my money, and I know I'm right about that.  There are days you are lucky you are so cute.  Lucky you are so charming. 

When you grow up you plan to be a dentist, chef and firefighter with 11 kids and a wife who doesn't work.  You aren't sure who your wife will be just yet, you have so many choices, it's too hard to decide on just one. 

Yes, this is a great age.  I love your excitement, your confidence and your growing independence.  But most of all right now, I love that you still sneak into my bed to snuggle with me most mornings.  I love that Mommy's hugs can still make it all better.  I love that you still want to hold my hand and that you are still light enough that I can still easily carry you around if I want to. 

I love that while you are becoming such a big boy, you are still my little guy. 

Today is your special, special day and I think it's fantastic how excited you are.  I am excited too, but hope that for a few more years anyway, that I can still be the centre of your world.  Those 5 years went by fast my little's hoping the next 5 go a little slower, but are just as awesome. 

Love you,