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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finding my "Bliss"

I am back, safe sound and tired from Blissdom Canada.
Safe, sound, tired...and inspired. 

What a weekend.  I talked with Ann Douglas, author of "The Mother of All....." Books, a series I poured over during my pregnancy with Makenna and her first couple years. I met and chatted with Candace, the woman who creates the "Name your tune" CDs, of which both my children own. I also met Julie,  co founder of Mabels Labels Inc, which Makenna's swim team is currently using as a fundraiser.   I listened to speakers Jian Ghomeshi, Amber MacArthur and Ami McKay, among others.  I learned so much about the power of social media. 

I dressed up as the first book cover from the 50 shades of Grey series, a series I have never even read, and, with the other two girls that made up the trilogy, sang a Karaoke song of which I have never before even heard of. 
Photo:  @jackiyo  See, I am the first cover with the tie, @Jennileeblack is the second book cover with the mask, and @jackiyo is the third cover with the handcuffs.  @Jennileeblack made the shirts. 
I came home with memory foam pillows from Sleep Country Canada, a cool waterbottle and skittles from Chevrolet Canada, Dove bodywash,  bread, bread and more bread from Maple Leaf Foods, a Starbucks Gift Card (Yes, Cherie you can have it), cookies with lentils as an ingredient, that my kids actually liked from Canadian Lentils, the BEST cracker chip things and Goldfish crackers from Pepperidge Farms....AND I won a  brand new purse  that was part of sponsor's inventory that still had the original $175 price tag on it.
photo: @usedeverywhere
 I did not win the KitchenAid Mixer, the Kobo Vox, new phone, camera, mattress, or Itunes Gift cards.  BUT I really needed a new purse and and I like this one, so that worked out well. 

I ate spring rolls, spinach and goat cheese phylo triangle things (so good), crackers, fruit, brushetta (to die for, got the recipe, can't wait to try it) and...of course...cheesecake.  All sponsored. 

I got be on the internet, constantly, and no one judged me or thought poorly of me for it.  In fact, it was expected.  Encouraged. 

And as awesome as all THAT was...I learned too. I had a moment while listening to Amber MacArthur speak when I realized that right there, right then, I was growing.  I was learning so much in such a short time and all of that knowledge, influence, opportunity and possibilities was overwhelming.  The world is big.  There are so many possibilities.  I was growing. 

I tweeted it  as a 'Finding my bliss' moment ;) 

The first microsession I attended was about writing. 
How appropriate huh?

It was about Sparking Creativity in your writing, led by Ali Martell, who is the Editor in Chief of

The message I came away with from this 45 minute discussion was that I don't need to wait for "The Big Stuff"...the heavy, lifechanging serious stuff to happen, to write.  I don't need to always have a deeper message to convey or a need to get something off my chest before I write.  I don't need to wait for special occasions.  If I love to write, I should just write. 

About whatever.   About something.  Anything.  Nothing.  Just write.  And if people like it, they'll read it, and if they don't, they won't.

Ha.  Lots of experience with that concept, haven't I?  ;)

The more I write, the better I will become.  The more people will read.  The more interactive this could become.  The more genuine it will be. 

Ali said she writes everyday.  She gets up early, before her kids are up, sits down at her computer, and writes.  And then she hits publish, closes her computer, and gets on with her day. 

I'm like...."What?!?"

You don't go over it with a fine tooth comb, checking for and fixing spelling/grammatical mistakes? You don't re-read it 3457 times to make sure it "sounds right"?  flows nicely?  If you do it that quickly how do you know you got all of your thoughts in there?  How can you come away feeling like you left it all out there on the screen?  That it's...perfect?

And that's the message she was trying to convey.  Who cares if there are spelling/grammatical errors?  It's not for professional use, it's her blog about her life.  When you do it every day, over and over again, you get into the rhythm and it does flow easier and sound good.  If you want it to reflect you...well...this is who you are; the good, the bad and the ugly. 


I like this idea.  I like the idea about writing about everyday things.  Just for the sake of writing, because it feels good.  Because it's your time.  Because it keeps you sane. 

But...finding the time...every day? 
I already get up before my kids do, most days, to go to Boot Camp.  Getting healthy is also really important to me and I get up at 5:30am and head out to boot camp to make that happen.  I like going at that time of day because when I arrive back home at 6:30, everyone is still sleeping.  I haven't intruded on anyone else's time or schedule.  I then walk Maggie around the block to cool down, something that benefits both she and I. When that's all done, by 7am, the kids are just getting up and we can begin our day as usual. 

So...does that mean in order to get my "writing time" in I should start getting up at 4:30am?

Cause I can assure you, that isn't going to happen. 

Oct 23 2012:  Dear readers: I am tired.  yawn.  I don't drink coffee.  It's dark.  Yawn.  My brain is still sleeping. Yawn.  What am I doing out of bed?


So this will take some thought.  Where can I carve out more time in my day to write?  Because I do love it and want to make it a priority. 
Hmmmm....maybe I can be the antisocial mom at swim team.  Head down at my laptop, whistles and splashes as my backround music and inspiration. 

Maybe I could give up Dancing with the Stars. Or Castle.  Or Private Practice.  Or Grey's Anatomy.  Or Chicago Fire....

Or not. 

Maybe I could quit my job and just stay home in my pajamas all day, writing and surfing my little heart out...

Bank says: "ain't happening".

The hours of 8am-8pm are unavailable due to the demands of work/children/chauffer duties/ domestic duties/what have you.
There was also a micrsession on being productive when online.  I didn't attend that one.  Perhaps I should have. 

Yeah, this will take some thinking.  But over the next little while, that's a goal of mine.  To start writing more often, about the everyday stuff.  Just for the sake of writing.  Just because I want to.  And maybe to find out if anyone else's thoughts/lives/tendancies to overanalyze are as "out there" as mine are somedays.  I already have one of these types of posts forming in my mind.

I just need to find time to write it.  But not right now...Dancing with the Stars is coming on. 


Nolie said...

So glad we actually got to meet. The week-end was such a whirlwind. I loved the lentil cookies and am looking forward to making them for my kids as soon as I figure out how to make lentil puree.

Rebecca said...

I wouldn't give up tv. Although, that may also be EXACTLY what holds me back in posting more ;)

The balance is so hard to find - I'm not convinced it's there. But writing and writing and writing definitely does work/help I think. At least that's what I'm telling myself!!

Laurie said...

Awesome post! I often hear/read about how people "make time" for writing and it so often seems to be early in the morning. I don't manage early well, and my blog definitely gets neglected because I don't manage my time all that effectively :)

I think my best shot will be by setting aside 10:30 til 11 at night, lol

Julie Cole said...

Great round up!! Thanks for using the Mabel's Labels fundraiser! See you soon!!

This Mom said...

I finally feel like I've come down from the whirlwind that was Blissdom, and now I feel tired again living through you and your post!

Wasn't it great that everyone was expected to be on their phones or computers, and no one got dirty looks for it?

Fortunately, I love to work in front of the TV, and most of my blog posts have been written during great shows. And while I do spell check and do a proofread (more than one if I know the link is going to a company or someone influential) I don't agonize over it anymore.

Oh - and congrats on the purse! Great score!

Kathleen said...

Great post. I don't think you're alone in needing to find a way to write more. In fact, I think you're in the majority!

Canadian Dad said...

I went to Ali's session as well and took away the same thing. It doesn't matter what you write about, just that you write it. I have so many ideas that never see the light of day because I feel like they are not strong enough to write down. I won't be doing that anymore!

I'm glad you enjoyed your time! I know I sure did!

shannon said...

Ali's session had the most impact on me, too. I'm glad we found each other there!

I also have no clue how or where I'm going to carve out time daily to write. My recap post took me 4 hours to write. And it was a bulleted list! Man alive.

I think the point is that she inspired us and got our fingers tingling again. That's what the conference was about for me. Success!

Keep writing and I will, too, new friend. :)

zchamu said...

I love this post and yes - it's so hard sometimes to carve out time to write. But once you get there, it's as natural, as essential as breathing. I read somewhere about the concept of "morning pages", about sitting down and just writing - not online but in a journal, just for you, just to set the habit. I like this. If I could get my ass out of bed in the morning, I'd do it. :)

Shash said...

That's some good advice. I find myself in the same boat, I don't write very often anymore because it takes me so freaking long to edit and then rewrite and then fiddle and fix and pressing publish for the eleventh time. I've turned it into something so complex... Ali's table sounds like it was a good one!

Glad you enjoyed BlissDom :)