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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Things Dad!

A few months ago I attended a writing workshop.  I came out with a lot of ideas I think I can apply to this blog and one of them was a "5 THINGS" exercise.  Think of someone important in your life, and write about 5 things that remind you of that person.  Just for fun, lets do that now. 

We'll start with my Dad. 

5 things that remind me of my Dad

What reminded me of this idea and inspired this post, was the song "Get outta my dreams"  by Billy Ocean. 
I had to youtube the song to find out who sings it, is that bad? 

Anyways, whenever I hear this song on the radio it reminds me of my Aunt Carol's wedding.  She is my dad's sister and I was in grade 3 or 4 when I travelled with Dad to the Belleville area for her wedding.  I can still see myself sitting at a table, in my pink dress and french braided hair, watching my dad dance with his sister Carol to this song.  He thought he was a pretty fantastic dancer, and back then, I thought he was too ;)  What I also remember from that wedding was driving on the 401 with my dad in his truck at nighttime, my brother laying across the seat, asleep with his head in my lap, and me being enthralled by all the city lights as we sped by.  I remember how big the moon was as we drove;  like I could've reached out and touched it.  And I remember my aunts pulling so hard on my hair as they braided it that my head hurt.  All of my female cousins were flowergirls...there were so many little pink dresses running around.  That was all a long time ago.  The marriage didn't make it...but the memory of my dad dancing with his sister that night is still vivid in my mind.

Even now, years later, when I look at the clock and notice it is 6:15pm, I think of my dad.  When we were growing up that is the exact time every night my dad would walk through the door for supper.  You could set your watch by it.  When Jeff and I first started dating it took me awhile to adjust to eating at 5pm with his family. 

"The rapid movement of molecules" 
For as long as I live, until the day I die, those 5 words, no matter who speaks them, will remind me of my father.  When we were younger and complained of a food being too hot, he would take great pleasure in launching into a lengthy lecture as to how exactly that item became hot in the first place.  Due to the rapid movement of molecules heating it up.  Obviously he explains it much better than I do.  Every boyfriend or girlfriend my brother and I ever brought home were subjected to this explanation, as were many of our close friends who spent enough time in our home.  Both my husband and Mike's wife can repeat it verbatim and Makenna and Jack have already been taught as well.  There is no other story he has ever told that has stuck around as much as that one. 

Growing up my family ate, breathed and slept baseball.  Not so much on TV, but it definitely dominated our summers.  Soccer was a bad word in the Noble household.  Our front porch was a mess of cleats, bats, ball bags, helmets and team jackets.   Our weekends were spent either at the Gorrie Ball Park where our parents chaired the parks board and all of its tournaments, or at our own tournaments around the county and in Mike's case, the province.  When we weren't playing at the diamond we were playing in the backyard.  Or someone else's backyard.   We sat at the top of the bleachers as little ones, watching Dad pitch for "The Diggers" under the bright lights. Later he and I would play on the same Co-ed team and I would bartend in the beer tent under his name on the licence. Some of our best times growing up were spent at ball diamonds.   It all started with my dad.

Angelfood cake. 
While a lover of almost all foods, and anything I make him, his favourite dessert is angelfood cake.  Which is kind of surprising, such a light dessert for a farm boy, a welder, hunter, fisherman, etc, but it is.  One year I actually made him one from scratch for his birthday.  Do you know that to do that you need a dozen egg whites?  It turned out well, but I will admit, from then on I bought it.    And it was just as good.  Lesson learned. 

5 Things about my dad.
It's a fun little writing exercise.  You should try it!