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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom to Mom Sales!

Welcome to the first week of Spring...even though as I write this another winter storm is on its way...ugh

But with spring, comes Mom to Mom sales!

I love Mom to Mom sales - where a bunch of moms and "mompreneurs" get together to sell their kids' outgrown clothes, toys, baby items, kids furniture, etc and mompreneurs sell their products - everything from Usbourne Books to hand knitted hats.

These events are huge within the parenting community. You can get great stuff super cheap! Looking for rubber boots for your 3 year old? A snowsuit for your 6 year old for next year? A baby monitor? Some new books or DVDs? More Little People? A potty seat? Maternity clothes? You will hit the jackpot at Mom to Mom sales. And you won't be alone. Moms all over are discovering how great these events are. Why pay full price on clothes and toys for your kids when you can get great stuff in great shape at deep deep discounts? So what if it's gently used? It makes such good sense..and cents! When your kids are going to outgrow their clothes within a year and lose interest in their toys within an even shorter time, for me it's a no brainer!

If you are expecting, a mom, a grandma, a babysitter, a home daycare provider, or anyone that has anything to do with kids, and you've never been to a mom to mom sale, you must check one out! Bring cash, more than you might think you need! A warning though - these can be busy! Go early. Line ups to get in are not uncommon and there could be a lot of women packed into a relatively small space. And when there are a lot of women shopping in one may want to leave the kids at home.

Here's a list of some upcoming Mom to Mom sales in this area:

April 2 Blyth United Church 9am-noon

April 9 Exeter Christian Reform Church 9-11am
- Fundraiser for Exeter Christian School Society

April 16 Wingham Sacred Heart (Catholic) Church 9am-1pm
- Fundraiser for The Endometriosis Association.

April 16 Dungannon Agricultural Hall 10am-noon

April 16 Inverlyn Lake Estates Clubhouse in Kincardine 10am-2pm
-Craft and Bake Sale Area as well
- Fundraiser for MOPS - Kincardine Pentecostal Church

April 24 Palmerston Coop Nursery School 9am-noon

April 30 Goderich District Collegiate Institute (highschool) 9am-noon
- Fundraiser for Owen's Light Mothering Project
*Childcare has been provided in the past, I am not sure if it is provided this year
or not.

May 7 Lucknow Presbyterian Church 10am-noon

May 14 Brussels Public School May 14 9am-noon
- Fundraiser for Blyth Junior Broomball

May 14 - Tuckersmith Day Nursery (Daycare) Vanastra 8am - noon
- Fundraiser for the Daycare

You can find some of these on facebook. If you try and are unsuccessful, let me know and I will send you the link or the contact info.

And a big thank you to those who helped me compile this list!

By the way, anyone can get a table and sell their own maternity, baby and kids' stuff at Mom to Mom sales. I did this in Lucknow a couple years ago and it was definitely worth my time. I got rid of a tonne of stuff, visited with a lot of friends and one of the perks of being a vendor is you get an advanced look at what everyone else is selling! I am also doing it this year, this time in Goderich (you gotta see this one, it's huge!) You pay to rent a table (determined by each individual mom to mom sale, each one has their own policies) and that money goes toward the fundraiser. You provide your own monetary float and are responsible for your area. All money you make from selling your stuff is yours to keep!

Some Mom to Mom sales charge an admission fee (usually something like $2 or a non perishable food item) which also goes toward the fundraiser. Some also have a bake sale area; the way its run is completely up to the organizers.

Looking for a fundraiser idea for your group? Consider a Mom to Mom sale. They are most popular in Spring in Fall it seems. Check out one of the upcoming sales to get an idea of how they work and how you could make it work for you.

Those of you that are expecting, are Moms, Grandmas, Babysitters, Day Care Providers, etc etc've gotta go!

As for me, you'll find me at the Goderich sale for sure and likely checking out the deals at some of the others as know me...I love finding great stuff at low prices, I love second hand shopping, and I love the thrill of the hunt!

PS - if you have a sale in Huron or Perth County to add to this list, please leave a comment on the blog and add your info! Thanks so much!


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