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I grew up in a village of 500 people and now live in a beach town of 10 000. Wife to Jeff, Mama to Makenna and Jack. This is my place to share what's up with us, and the place where I sometimes need to pour my heart out about the not so sunshiney moments. This is my happy place. Thanks for stopping by :) Copyright 2012 by Melissa Wormington, that no part of this blog may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, without permission from the publisher.
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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Ice Cream!

All week long the local media outlets have been hyping the "storm of year", which was to hit last night and this morning. We did get a storm, and all the local roads were closed, but I don't know if I'd call it "The Storm Of The Year". We had a storm system in December that lasted a number of days and closed schools for the better part of 2 weeks. THAT was intense.

Anyways, today was a scheduled PA Day for Makenna anyway, but with all the road closures it ended up being a snowday for me, so the three of us happily hung out at home in our PJs for the day. Jeff works in town, so no such luck for him ;)

This afternoon I came across this recipe for "Snow Ice Cream"

Snow Day...Snow Ice Cream? Why not?!

So, we combined 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tsps of vanilla

And Makenna collected bowls of fresh, clean ice cream. While I ensured it was clean and fresh from inside

Cause I am not much one for winter...and she is ;)

Then we stirred the snow into the milk mixture. It took about 2 1/2 bowls of snow.

Here you can kinda see it's getting thicker...

Sorry, this picture isn't very good at all. I need to get some coloured bowls...white ones don't work well for pictures. But it was thick like ice cream. Makenna was so excited that it was working. Me too.

We added a couple drops of peppermint extract to hers

And left Jack's plain...

And they both loved it! So simple and fun for them!

Next time maybe we'll add some sprinkles. Or chocolate chips.

Now, I have to say, the recipe popped up on my facebook news feed in its Comments section on facebook, there were a few people that were completely disgusted with this idea, calling it "pollution in a bowl" and lamenting about the amount of dirt in snow.
I figure for the whole 3-4 spoonfuls they had, they are safe...especially when I consider the other stuff they get into in the summer time in our backyard, at the beach, while digging for worms and at their grandparents' farm. And that's just for starters.
Snow Ice Cream in 5 on a snowday!


Michelle said...

LOL. That's funny. It probably would be pretty polluted where I am. Still sounds like a good idea!