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The Wormingtons
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What makes a hero: Michael's Story.

Webster's Dictionary defines a hero as "a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities" and "one that shows great courage"

This is Michael's Story:

Mike works at "Walinga" in Guelph. He is a licenced welder/fitter. He became licenced while working there, taking classes from Conestoga College after work a few nights/week for a couple years. At 24 he is in a supervisory position on the floor. Among other things, they build the big boxes that are on the back of recycling trucks. He is also involved with the Health and Safety Committee, and is a Volunteer Firefighter with the town of Brussels.

One ordinary day while working an ordinary shift, Mike heard another man yell from nearby. Mike ran over to see what was the matter and came face to face with a coworker who had hung himself and another coworker who had discovered him.

Walinga is a large, family owned company, and this man, the victim, was a member of that family.

Mike immediately sprang into action, releasing this man, lowering him to the ground and administering CPR, all the while shouting at others nearby to call 911. Together, with another coworker who has firefighting experience, they saved this man's life.

Mike is 24 years old.

He acted when men twice his age were frozen in shock. He dictated orders while others stood and stared.

He saved another man's life. If not for Mike, this man very well may be dead today.

The victim, as you would expect with an attempted suicide, is on the long road to recovery.

The police and ambulance attendants that responded that day, asked to nominate Mike and the 2 other individuals that assisted, for a citation award. They had to ask, because if they won, the story as to what happened that day would be publicized, and the employer needed to be okay with that.

That there was a suicide attempt their place of business.

Recognizing what Mike did, not just for another human being, but for a member of their own family, Walinga agreed, and Mike and the other 2 men were notified this past week that they have been awarded an OPP Commissioner's Citation Award, as well as an award from St John's Ambulance, for going above and beyond the call of duty at their place of employment. The award ceremony will be held in the summer time, which will be a year after this incident occured.

This is my brother. My Michael.

You see stories in the media of people in similar situations, and they are referred to as "heroes". These people always say they don't consider themselves heroes, they "just did what anyone else would have done". They just "did what needed to be done".

What would you have done?

According to definition in the book, "Webster's Dictionary", Mike is a hero.

In my book too.


Tiffany said...

Wow! That is amazing. Great job Mike. What a great story writter you are Lyss! I never heard anything about this until now (I guess because nobody could say anything). That is super intense and gave me chills down my back. I do not know what I would do in that situation but it definately makes me think I should be learning what to do in situations like this. This is above and beyond any health and safety training I have ever done or learned about. Thanks for sharing this story and I will be sure to give Mike a big hug next time I see him. He has always been one of my heros!

Tiffany said...

I meant writer..