"To the world you may be one person...but to one person you may be the world..."

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I grew up in a village of 500 people and now live in a beach town of 10 000. Wife to Jeff, Mama to Makenna and Jack. This is my place to share what's up with us, and the place where I sometimes need to pour my heart out about the not so sunshiney moments. This is my happy place. Thanks for stopping by :) Copyright 2012 by Melissa Wormington, that no part of this blog may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, without permission from the publisher.
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The Wormingtons

The Wormingtons
Jeff, Makenna, Jack and Melissa. Spring 2012. Photo credit: Tricia Denomme/Hope Photography

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So I'm a blogger. Well, I'm going to try anyway. I used to have diaries when I was younger. I like to write things down. I like to question, to think out loud. And I like to share. Lucky you :) I am a mommy now. That's my major title. Soon I will be a mommy of two. I think I will need somewhere to write things down. I have a lot of thoughts, a lot to say. Just because I'm married with child(ren), doesn't mean my life is boring now. Maybe to some it is, but maybe through this, you will come to see my life as I see it, all the ups down, triumphs and tears. How finally getting rid of the diapers is WAYYYYYYYY more exciting, way more of a victory, than any essay mark, any GPA, any weekend activity. Or how discovering your child has a fever of 102 as she lies listless on the couch, or is allergic to the medication you just gave her, is much more scary than any break up, any fight, any final exam. But most of all, how looking into the honest eyes of a three year old, as she places her complete and total trust in you forever, and whispers "I love you mommy, you're my best friend", before drifting off to sleep (another victory!) is worth more than anything else on earth. Anything.
I love my life. Well, I do today anyway, today is a good day.